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Comic Talk

CGS: Episode 742 (December 7, 2009)

It's Monday and it's us talkin' comics. What better way to start your week? We cover a lot of ground in this episode. (1:14:36)

We update everyone on some Super Show news, pick more winners in the Early Bird Super Show Ticket Contest and announce that Comic Break is helping out with our Hero Initiative Fund Raiser.

(11:56) CGS NEWS
Check out some recently released spin-off episodes including Footnotes on Secret Wars 12, the Tower Episode 3 and the first ever episode of the Crisis Tapes!

(15:20) COMIC TALK
Bryan comments on an earlier discussion on novel adaptations of comicbooks from Episode 736.

(23:49) OFF THE RACK
Our non-spoiler reviews of the Chew tpb (Image), Batman/Doc Savage First Wave Special (DC), Strange #1 (Marvel), the Hood mini-series (Marvel MAX), Terry Moore's Echo #16 (Abstract) and Titanium Rain (Glitchwerk).

Amber Love returns to talk about the Dr. Horrible one-shot (Dark Horse). Music by Kirby Krackle.

We hear from Hugh Jarse; Alec B on the Unwritten, our Paul Pope interview and more; Brad Milyo; and the Comic Pimp.

(1:09:54) PROMO
for the Two True Freaks Podcast.

(1:11:31) CGS BEST OF
Send us your nominations for the CGS Best of 2009 awards.