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Conversation with Paul Pope

CGS: Episode 87 (December 22, 2005)

He's done everything from independent comics to big budget Batman. He's Paul Pope. We spoke with Paul live from the streets of Manhattan to find out just what he's all about. (1:33:41)

(00:30) Sponsor
New York Comic Con 2006.

(01:08) Interview
With Paul Pope.

(01:51) On his first comics, getting into art and professional comics and
being a gamer/Star Wars geek.
(10:15) On Batman: Year 100 and how Batman plays to Paul's
(21:53) On talking with Frank Miller, art vs. responsibility when it comes
to certain characters and through Paul we experience the streets
of Manhattan.
(33:09) On working in Japan for Kodancha, Paul's thoughts on why
manga has mass appeal in Japan and his Marvel work.
(41:03) On his artistic inspirations, conventions and the wrap-up.
(47:42) Our post-interview wrap-up.

(54:18) Stump the Rios
Submitted by Kin from Israel.

(58:08) Call Me
We talk to listener Marcin Wolynski in Massachusettes who gives us his Top Five Female characters and an Off the Rack on the third Planetary trade.

(1:09:10) Quarters in the Jar
Cards and postcards from Bob Bretall, Jeffery Borchert and Devil's Due Publishing.

(1:10:50) Voice Mail
from Mike Schwartz.

(1:15:43) Off the Rack
Our reviews on Young Avengers, recent issues of Amazing Spider-Man and IDW's Angel: the Curse.

(1:25:49) CGS News
The Comic Book Data Base is going strong.

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