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A Conversation with inker Jay Leisten

CGS: Episode 699 (September 30, 2009)

We continue our discussion on comic book art this week with the help of inker Jay Leisten. From Top Cow to CrossGen, DC to Marvel, Jay has worked with many major pencillers and comics. What are his thoughts on the role of inking in today's field? (1:17:12)

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New guests are announced for Super Show! Attendee David Dwonch is spearheading 100% Super Show Approved; The Freddie Williams/Digital Art Contest has been announced! And our plans for Episode 700!

Inker Jay Leisten joins us from Kentucky to talk about his thoughts on the current state of inking in the comic book field. Not only do we marvel at his resume and the many creators and comics that he has worked with in ten years, we also pick his brain on working at CrossGen and Top Cow, house styles, getting into the business, powerbook records, Marc Silvestri's Uncanny X-men, his current projects on Uncanny X-men, Dark X-Men, and Dark Wolverine, the Disney/Marvel deal and more.

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Flint Lockjaw checks in with updates on the Everything Comes Back to 2000AD podcast, the Thugs comic and more.