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Digitally Drawing Comics with Freddie Williams

CGS: Episode 697 (September 28, 2009)

Author of DC Comics Guide to Drawing Comics Digitally, artist Freddie Williams joins us to discuss the book, the dos and donts of digital drawing and to announce a major new CGS contest! (1:36:48)

(04:11) CGS MEMO
Book of the Month reminders! Super Show guest news and tickets are now on sale!

Artist Freddie Williams joins us to talk about his new book DC Comics Guide to Drawing Comics Digitally; he answers questions on the benefits of digital drawing, mistakes often made from beginning artists, leaving room for word balloons, the "Cable Effect" and designing costumes, digital inking and more. For more discussion on resources for drawing, join this ongoing forum discussion.

(1:00:26) CGS CONTEST
With Freddie's help, and with thanks to publisher Watson Guptill, we announce a major new art contest. Listen in for details, rules, deadlines and the prizes.

(1:14:04) STUMP THE RIOS
Sponsored by Comic Break, submitted by John Hansen.

(1:18:30) CGS MAILBAG
Brian "Max Headroom" Hancock sends a Captain America shield for our studio!

(1:20:11) PROMO
for Alec Berry's Teenage Wasteland podcast.

(1:20:54) COMICS TALK
We learn a little more about Freddie's new ongoing gig as artist on JSA All Stars due out in December with writer Matthew Sturges.