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Watchmen 02

Footnotes: Footnotes (December 22, 2008)

It's our look at the second issue of Watchmen. Do you really know what's going on in those pages? (1:28:04)

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    Watchmen 01

    Footnotes: Footnotes (2008-12-15)

    It's finally here! You've been begging us to talk about Watchment since our first episode and now it's here. We'll be doing one issue per week as a lead up to the movie in March. Join us for a look at this comic classic.

  • Podcast Title

    Watchmen 02

    Footnotes: Footnotes (2008-12-22)

    It's our look at the second issue of Watchmen. Do you really know what's going on in those pages? (1:28:04)

  • Podcast Title

    Watchmen 03

    Footnotes: Footnotes (2009-01-05)

    Another issue, more crazy discussion.

  • Podcast Title

    Watchmen 04

    Footnotes: Footnotes (2009-01-09)

    It's all about Dr. Manhattan. Get your heads in the right place for this episode. Time travel and quantum physics galore!

  • Podcast Title

    Watchmen 05

    Footnotes: Footnotes (2009-01-19)

    More Watchmen right here. We won't stop until we've talked about everything!

  • Podcast Title

    Watchmen 06

    Footnotes: Footnotes (2009-01-22)

    We've reached the half-way point. What lies ahead for the Watchmen?

  • Podcast Title

    Watchmen 07

    Footnotes: Footnotes (2009-01-27)

    Peter's back to help us talk about issue 7.

  • Podcast Title

    Watchmen 08

    Footnotes: Footnotes (2009-02-04)

    Today we continue our issue-by-issue coverage of the Watchmen. It's time for issue 8.

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    Watchmen 09

    Footnotes: Footnotes (2009-02-11)

    What more can I say? The series is getting closer to the end, but our coverage continues.

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    Watchmen 10

    Footnotes: Footnotes (2009-02-20)

    The end is nigh! The series is getting very close to the end and so is our coverage. If you've been with us this far, I don't need to say any more.

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    Watchmen 11

    Footnotes: Footnotes (2009-02-27)

    The penultimate episode! It's just about over now. The action starts here.

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    Watchmen 12

    Footnotes: Footnotes (2009-03-05)

    We have reached the end. There is much to discuss in this final issue, plus we get the geeks' overall thoughts on the series.

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