About Us

Comic Geek Speak (CGS) was started in March, 2005 when Bryan and Peter decided to try their hand at the then-new world of podcasting. They quickly invited their friends to join them and then the show was complete.


CGS is far more than just a few friends in a room with microphones. CGS is now a worldwide community of comic fans that helps to foster and grow the love of comics that is vital to the industry's success.

  • Bryan Deemer

    Bryan is the guy that decided to do this crazy podcast. After reading an article about podcasting in Wired magazine in February, 2005, Bryan recruited Peter to start CGS.

    Bryan started reading comics in 1985 after getting a copy of Groo from his friend. It wasn't long before he was reading everything in sight. He worked at his local comic shop, Golden Eagle, for a few years in college, which is where he met and befriended most of the other geeks. He's a man of many ideas, and never really knows when to quit. That's probably a good thing for CGS.

  • Peter Rios

    Peter is the resident "encyclopedia of superhero knowledge", has been reading comics since 1982 starting with Justice League of America #210 and is a loyal member of the DC Nation including all things Titans. His main profession is in Theatre, specifically musicals, directing/choreography and tap dancing. He gained his title of Trivia Geek from working on an extensive Trivia Game which now boasts over 3,600 questions. This single Latino-turned-Dutch Scorpio enjoys late nights, dancing, swedish fish and long walks off short piers.

  • Shane Kelly

    Shane Kelly is a comic book, toy-loving, Sci-Fi fanatic! Whose earliest memories are watching re-runs of the Batman 60's TV show, Star Trek and Superfriends cartoons on Saturday mornings in the late 1970s. For 25 years Shane has been reading and collecting comics starting in 1984 with GI JOE: A Real American Hero issue 21. Quickly expanding to DC Comics with titles like Batman and Justice League in 1987 and Marvel with The Amazing Spider-Man. The only thing Shane has been doing longer than collecting comics is collecting toys. While some of his earliest favorite toys were the Comic Book and Star Trek Megos it was 1978's Star Wars toy line by Kenner that really started a passion of playing with and collecting toys. Some favorites in addition to Star Wars and Mego lines are GI JOE: A Real American Hero, M.A.S.K., in recent years Palisades Toys' Muppet Show line and Mattel's DC Universe Classics.

    Shane has been friends with the rest of the Geeks for twelve years. When Bryan and Peter asked if he would like to join them for some comic book and toy talk on a new venture they were trying called a podcast, he jumped at the chance. Anything to hang out with friends, talk toys and comics. It has been four years of fun, opening up to new new comics that he would have never read and meeting tons of new people Shane is proud to consider friends. All through Comic Geek Speak! There is even a spin off show called World of Toys which Shane co-hosts with fellow CGS member Brian (Pants) Christman.

  • Jamie D

    Having read comics for over 30 of his 43 years on this earth, Jamie is the elder statesman of the group. He is a Marvel boy at heart but hasn't met a comic or comic company he wouldn't try at least once. He wears his love of comics on his sleeve and champions the artform whereever and whenever possible.

  • Matt

    Confused with 24601, Number 6, or even being associated with Comic Geek Speak at all, he's got the wit of a Web-Head and the skills, cunning, and social skills of a Dark Knight. Matt has worn several hats since he started on the show: A-Hole to some (though refreshingly honest to others), Object of focus for the Church of Mattitude, Roast Master General, and Host of alternate universe CGS (see episode 666). He's the first to add fuel to any fire and the last to back down. Prefers the Dark Knight Detective (as opposed to the Caped Crusader), the Shadow, and a feisty Black Cat. Blunt. Unapologetic. Old School (power of Pulp Comics). Carries his backbone with him at all times. Respects strength, privacy, and blunt honesty and abhors coddling. Love him...hate him...have no idea who even is: Matt will be the one giving you a back-handed compliment one minute, then watching your 6 o'clock the next. When you have a problem, and no one else can help, and you realize you're screwed either way, Matt's the guy to have at your side. Lock and load, fanboy, wimps need not apply!!

  • Adam "Murd" Murdough

    Adam is perhaps the least talkative of the Geeks. He has been reading comics since 1991, beginning with Marvel's Infinity War, but he only recently became aware (thanks to CGS) of the benefits of discussing them with groups of friends. He has a Master's degree in Popular Culture Studies (yes, really), as part of which he wrote a thesis about Crisis on Infinite Earths; he's proficient enough in comics trivia to keep up with the Rios; and, as a distant cousin of Matt's, he can make with the witty comments sometimes. Mostly, though, he prefers to sit quietly (especially during interviews) until one of the other guys prods him to spit out some obscure fact or say something intelligent. Turn-ons include parallel universe stories, Kitty Pryde, and long walks on square planets; turn-offs include rude people and continuity violations.

  • Brian "Pants" Christman

    Brian Christman, perhaps better known as "Pants", joined CGS in the fall of 2006. He is known for his obsession with collecting - both comics (over 17,000 books - mostly DC - going back as far as the 1950s) and comic book art (sketches of the original Batwoman and original art pages from a certain weekly book). He's also a frequent convention attendee, once going to two different shows in one day.

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