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CGS: Episode 744 (December 9, 2009)

This month independent creator, Erica Hesse, joins us to go over the mammoth tome that is Previews. How much is this month going to cost us? We also talk with Martin Pierro, writer of Arthur: the Legend Continues. (1:35:35)

(02:01) PREVIEWS
Artist Erica Hesse joins us this month to talk about the upcoming second issue of her comic series the Key. We then dig into the December Diamond Previews for comics mostly shipping in February 2010:

(13:30) Other Publishers
(30:59) Marvel
(45:02) DC
(1:01:35) Dark Horse
(1:06:00) Image

Writer Martin Pierro joins us to talk about his self-published comicbook Arthur: the Legend Continues based on the King Arthur legend and one of the featured comics during Indy Comic Book Week.

(1:30:36) STUMP THE RIOS
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