Podcast Title

Comic Talk

CGS: Episode 731 (November 17, 2009)

Voicemail, emails and some new comics have shown up in the studio. Also webcomics creator Lora Innes joins us for a quick chat. It's a lot to talk about, so let's get started. (1:08:04)

We're overrun with voicemails and emails as well as items in our CGS Mailbag. So it's time to catch up:

(04:08) Julian Lytle on Cowboy Ninja Viking #1; MGuy1977 on Walking Dead and recommendations on series outside of DC and Marvel; Whitehead Customs on getting back into reading comics; and a recommendation from Lloyd for the Find Comic Apps.com site.

(27:03) We dig into the CGS Mailbag and talk briefly about the following arrivals: the Eternal Smile and the Color of Earth (First Second); Tezuka's Black Jack vol.8 (Vertical); Jesse Young sends us the Ex Occultus oneshot; Moyasimon vol.1: Bacteria to School (Del Rey Manga); Superheroes and Beyond by Chris Hart (Watson-Guptill); Akira vol.1 and Ghost in the Shell vol.1 (Kodansha); Legacy by Thomas E. Sniegoski (Delacorte); and Mercy Thompson: Homecoming (Del Rey/Dabel Bros).

(35:23) More feedback from Popcorn Samurai on the Spanish comic series Blacksad; Keith talks about Mike Imboden's Fist of Justice; Melville's Fist on Blackest Night; Alec B asking us to open our own comic shop; and Allen Stucker on our recent cartoon episode.

Lora Innes, creator of the Dreamer webcomic, and the Comic Creator's Alliance are asking for donations for the National Human Trafficking Awareness Day cause on Jan.11th.