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Conversation with Morry Hollowell

CGS: Episode 76 (November 14, 2005)

Interview with Morry Hollowell and Carley Carrel, colorists for Marvel. (1:32:59)

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E. Gerber Products

(01:27) Interview
With Morry Hollowell, colorist for Steve McNiven, and Carley Carrel, Morry's flatter assistant and girlfriend.

(02:42) On how they got into reading comics, the job description of a
flatter and the tools used for their work.
(09:00) On Morry's time at CrossGen, Carley's background and how she
met Morry.
(16:00) On Morry's collaboration with Steve McNiven.
(24:26) On current comics, conventions, what it's like to see the final
product in a comic and reference materials.
(36:45) On Morry's pencilling experience, inspiration from other colorists
and his video game addiction.
(48:00) On meeting deadlines.
(56:50) On Carley's costuming skills and the wrap-up.

(58:46) Quarters in the Jar
Listener Emails from Brad Schwartz of View from the Cheap Seats; Luke on the Numa Numa video; Jarret Green on reading comic reviews; Emily on library comic selections.

(1:08:45) Previews
On Alan Moore's Supreme: Story of the Year solicited this month.

(1:09:44) Off the Rack
On Marvel's Livewires digest and Batman: Under the Hood vol.1 trade by Winick & Mahnke.

(1:13:41) Stump the Rios
Submitted by Michael Schwartz.

(1:20:59) Call Me
Third attempt to contact Mario Muscar and Matt Kramer.

(1:27:55) Voice Mail
Andrew in Bakersfield about House of M.

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