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Comic Talk: Listener Feedback Edition

CGS: Episode 708 (October 15, 2009)

Reed Richards! 2010 Convention Tour! Funny moments! Sinestro! Only our listeners could kick us off on so many different topics. We also talk with Officer White about his upcoming sketch art benefit auction. (1:44:06)

(02:39) SHOUT OUT
Bill Jourdain and Asgard Press have their new 2010 calendars on sale featuring Vintage DC and Marvel covers.

(04:39) COMIC TALK
Listener feedback and voicemails from Jim "Plaid Lantern" Herold on Fantastic Four 570; Brian from Washington on next year's Emerald City Comicon and early talk on the 2010 CGS Convention Tour; Sandman asks us about our favorite supernatural comic characters; Jason Wood asking about our most hilarious moments on and off the 'cast; Terry/"Mostly Human" gives us his version of a Captain America movie trailer; Rob/"Neutron11" on Episode 700 and getting his students to start a comics podcast; and Dyslexicon on our Spotlight on Batman in the Dark Age.

He's a New Jersey Police officer, a comics fan and a huge sketch/art collector since 1971. Meet Officer White who goes by "Off White" on the con circuit. He's here to give us the early buzz on February's PBA Charity Benefit Auction featuring over 140 sketches up for auction so far. Mike is also a huge Green Lantern fan, was a consultant on Green Lantern Corps for his Officer experience and is working on a project with Bill Sienkiewicz.

(1:16:53) STUMP THE RIOS
Sponsored by Titan Publishing; submitted by Nathan Mahney.

(1:20:07) IRON THE PANTS
Submitted by Brian Sevart in Bismarck, ND.

(1:25:23) PROMO
For the Lanterncast Podcast.

(1:29:18) VOICEMAILS con't
From Mike Schwartz on Oceanverse contest news.

(1:32:10) CGS NEWS
Have you ventured into our spin-off podcast episodes yet? If not, check them out! Exploring Bede! World of Toys! Footnotes! Murd's Time Bubble! Jamie's Essentials! The Tower! And maybe more!