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CGS: Episode 705 (October 12, 2009)

Jetta creator and new dad Martheus Wade joins us to talk about the new Previews for books shipping in December. Also, Pants and Jamie talk a bit about this weekend's Baltimore Comic-Con. (1:47:24)

(03:11) CGS MEMO
Super Show tickets are on sale!; enter the CGS/Freddie Williams Digital Art Contest; if you're a podcaster, join the Comics Podcast Theme Event Week covering Horror in comics.

(06:33) PREVIEWS
With the help of Martheus Wade, creator of Jetta: Tales of the Toshigawa we dig into the October Previews for comics mostly shipping in December. And spliced in here and there, various voicemails all about Episode 700:

(08:10) Dark Horse
(18:20) Mr.Phil calls in and we talk up the Wild Pig 50% Sale.
(20:23) DC
(39:44) Short message from Corwin.
(40:00) Image
(44:31) Yoda Jones calls in; our listeners raise to the challenge to create our very own CGS Wikipedia entry.
(50:00) Marvel
(1:05:20) Some Mid Ohio Comic Con love from TheIllustriousKenDiesel and Stan Leeroy.
(1:06:33) Other Publishers

(1:25:47) COMIC TALK
Martheus chats about the final Jetta story Full Circle and the various webcomics up on his site.

(1:32:41) CON TALK
Pants and Jamie talk about this past weekend's Baltimore Comic-Con.

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