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Top 5 First Issues

CGS: Episode 74 (November 9, 2005)

Top Five Greatest Issue #1s! Sal Abbinanti of Atomika! Our thoughts on social issues in comics! And the Speakers of Geek get accused of Marvel bashing! (1:36:42)

(00:41) Sponsor
Atomika by Sal Abbinanti and Mercury Comics.

(03:54) CGS News
The exclusive official announcement for the launch of the Comic Book Database. Inspired by Bryan's wish to have a comicbook oriented IMDB, this comic book database is full of issue by issue breakdowns, creator bios, character profiles, cover galleries and more.

(09:42) Indie Challenge
DCBS joins our Independent Comics Challenge by discounting Athena Voltaire #1 and Marlene #1 which are both solicited in the November Previews for comics shipping in January.

(12:36) Comics Podcast Network
Peter is a guest on Comics Podcast Crossover #2. He joins host Bruce R., Chris Marshall and MikelOD for an exciting look at comics and podcasting.

(13:31) Quarters in the Jar
Listener Emails from Greg Schenke on comic book vending machines and from Darth Kramer on social issues in comics. Social commentary or sales gimmick? Also, Bryan receives a mature-readers manga from friends that recently returned from Japan.

(27:38) Speak Out
Bryan and the rest respond to the accusation that they have been Marvel bashing lately in their comparisons between DC and Marvel. We explain our position concerning Marvel and why our interest in their recent policies, hype and comic output has been lackluster at the moment.

(39:30) Special Guest
Leo McGovern recently lost all but one of his 40,000 comics to Hurricane Katrina. He talks to us briefly about the comics and trades that were sent to him by our listeners in an effort to help him rebuild his collection. Check out his magazine, Anti Gravity and check out his blog for entries on comics he has received.

(51:14) Comics Talk
Bryan goes on a rant about Grant Morrison, drugs and comics after reading an article on Morrison in Wizard #170.

(55:21) Top Five
Greatest First Issues.

(1:11:13) Stump the Rios
Submitted by David Beard.

(1:14:08) Comic News
Tidbits from Wizard World Texas.

(1:17:38) Call Me
We get Brad Milyo of Texas on the air.

(1:24:15) Interview
With Sal Abbinanti, creator and artist of Mercury Comics' Atomika. Sal gives us a quick look at his comic, the difficulty in pushing independent comics, his artstyle, inspirations and more.