Podcast Title

Women Reading Comics

CGS: Episode 73 (November 7, 2005)

Girl power! In this titillating episode of CGS, we had three wonderful guests on the show. Lene Taylor, Katheryne from Philly, and Tasha Deemer. So tune in for the female take on comics. (1:32:48)

(03:55) Sponsor
New York Comic Con'06.

(06:34) Special Guests
LT, Katheryne of Philly and Tasha join us for this female-centric episode.

(06:50) On when they first started reading comics.
(10:52) How to make comics shops more supportive to female geeks,
where the women get their comics and their experience going
into comic shops.
(33:50) What their friends think about them being comic-reading geeks.
(37:29) Top Five things Katheryne learned from listening to CGS.
(43:43) We ask the girls which villain is their favorite.

(47:26) Stump the Rios
Hosted by Katheryne mixing Peter's passion for comics with his passion for musicals.

(53:19) Comics Talk
Peter asks the girl geeks which male characters they would date.

(59:12) Comics Talk con't
The ever-controversial question: What do LT, Katheryne and Tasha think about the portrayal of women in comics, violence in comics and artistic decisions vs. censorship?

(1:25:15) Quarters in the Jar
Brian Miller of Hi-Fi Design lets us know that his website has been updated.