Podcast Title

Fan Expo Tapes Volume 1

CGS: Episode 682 (September 1, 2009)

Fan Expo 2009 was a huge success! We had a fantastic show. This is the first of a two-part series of interviews from the convention. We kick it off with a talk with Len Wein. (2:14:30)

(02:50) CON TALK
CGS has returned from Toronto's Fan Expo with a whole slew of interviews from new and former CGS guests including:

(03:42) Len Wein on his current projects, his thoughts on Spider-Man/Brand New Day and Mark Evanier's project to rebuild Len's comic collection recently lost in a fire.

(13:27) Bryan, Shane and Pants recap Friday's convention experience.

(20:21) David Wohl, writer of Executive Assistant: Iris (Aspen) and current Editor-in-Chief of Radical Publishing.

(46:17) Stefan Grambart, artist on the Gone to Ground webcomic.

(54:25) Bryan, Shane, Matt and Pants recap Saturday's convention experience.

(1:03:34) Kyle Stevens and Jim Demonakos of the band Kirby Krackle, the Comic Book Rock Band.

(1:08:19) Riftwar artist Ryan Stegman.

(1:15:02) Aspen artist Joe Benitez.

(1:30:25) Peter Steigerwald, artist and VP of Aspen Comics.

(1:41:05) Neil Loughrie, Publishing Coordinator for BOOM! Studios.

(1:48:37) Soulfire and upcoming Red Robin artist Marcos To.

(1:58:07) Ross Richie, Co-Founder and Publisher of BOOM! Studios.