Podcast Title

Captain America Reborn 2

CGS: Episode 670 (August 10, 2009)

Talk about cliff hangers! This issue's got a doozy. What will happen with Steve, Bucky, and all the rest? We'll do our best to conjecture. (1:01:30)

Chris Myers, Wilson-3D on the forums, won the listener guest host spot for this episode. We learn about his occupation, his time listening to CGS and more. Submit to be a guest host for the third issue by posting in the talkback thread for this episode.

Kicking off with some forum feedback for the first episode, we dig into issue two of Captain America Reborn from Brubaker, Hitch, Guice, Mounts and company giving our thoughts and criticisms on the various flashbacks, Bucky and Black Widow, the Captain America costume, Ares, the art and coloring and more.

Submitted by Popcorn Samurai.