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Off the Rack: Amazing Spider-man/Incredible Hulk 600

CGS: Episode 664 (July 28, 2009)

Two massive anniversary issues, one great week. Both, The Amazing Spider-man and The Incredible Hulk hit issue 600 last week. Both issues were giant sized and both had some pretty cool content. Tune in to hear all about it. (1:32:30)

(00:45) OFF THE RACK
Our review of the 600th issues of the following Marvel milestones:

(02:45) Amazing Spider-Man
(21:51) Incredible Hulk

More San Diego Comic-Con International interviews by Pants:

(51:46) Freddie Williams
(57:08) David Baron
(1:02:10) John Layman & Rob Guillory, creators of the hit comic Chew (Image)
(1:09:14) Uncle Sal and Fan Expo's Tiziano