Podcast Title

Comic Talk: San Diego Edition

CGS: Episode 663 (July 27, 2009)

There was some big news coming out of San Diego last week. In this episode we discuss some of it including Marvelman at Marvel and more Bone. Also, Pants does some interviews at San Diego. (1:52:50)

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(13:47) CON TALK
San Diego's Comic-Con International has wrapped and we discuss some of the major announcements including:

(14:03) Marvelman is now at Marvel Comics. Read about it here, here and here.
(33:53) Jeff Smith returns to Bone.
(38:29) Digital initiatives from Longbox, ComiXology, IDW, Dark Horse and DC.
(54:24) TwoMorrows announces the American Comic Book Chronicles.
(58:07) Jim Shooter will revive Gold Key characters at Dark Horse.

(1:05:18) STUMP THE RIOS
The DriveThru Comics Contest continues with a submission from Conrad.

(1:09:02) VOICEMAILS
Flint and Greencapt call in with comments on recent episodes.

(1:17:38) INTERVIEWS
Pants was a busy boy out at San Diego conducting interviews:

(1:17:53) Pants with friends
(1:33:13) Jamal Igle
(1:37:56) Mario Gonzalez
(1:41:03) Katie Cook
(1:45:12) Chris Batista
(1:48:47) Beth Sleven