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Off the Rack: Wednesday Comics

CGS: Episode 653 (July 13, 2009)

It was released last week. It's a whole new way of publishing comics. It's Wednesday Comics. If you ever wanted something fresh and new, then you want Wednesday Comics. And for the first time we talk with Shane's wife, Carleen! (1:18:05)

(01:16) CGS NEWS
Listen in and hear about our new listener guest host contest for our upcoming Captain America: Reborn episodes!

Recording from Studio Charlie, known as Shane's family room, we finally get the chance to talk with Shane's wife, Carleen (with special cameo appearances by Shane's kids Ben and Matt).

(22:36) OFF THE RACK
Our review discussion on the highly anticipated DC's Wednesday Comics #1. We discuss our favorite strips, format, potential for future projects and more. Editor Mark Chiarello's newest venture is ambitious and full of high art adventure for any willing comic reader.

(1:10:03) VOICEMAIL
Flintlockjaw weighs in on the Wednesday Comics format debate.