Podcast Title

Talking Longbox with Rantz Hoseley

CGS: Episode 654 (July 14, 2009)

The future of comics is digital. Rantz Hoseley is leading the charge with Longbox, a new digital comics service. We all have lots of questions and Rantz is here for two hours to go over all the details. (2:04:06)

Rantz Hoseley joins us to talk about all things Longbox Digital Comics. We ask how he got into comics in the first place.

(09:22) Longbox - what is it? And what's the price point? What publishers have been announced? And info on file format, subscriptions and other methods of file grouping.

(44:15) Listener questions, the use of promotional and press items, ad content, starter packs, and the success of Longbox with and/or without DC and Marvel.

(1:09:52) Longbox for portable devices, the origins of the name Longbox, adult content, publisher submission policies, the power of podcasting and the wrap up.

(1:51:14) Post discussion.