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Top Five Patriotic Characters

CGS: Episode 646 (June 29, 2009)

The Fourth of July is almost here. Time to grab your flag and jump into the discussion. What are the top five United-States-based patriotic characters in comics? (1:39:42)

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(18:06) TOP 5
Patriotic Characters! In time for the 4th of July we give you a sampling of our favorite red-white-and-blue, eagle sporting, all-American comic characters from Yankee Poodle to Captain America, the Freedom Fighters to Force of July!

Calling all artists and would-be-artists, let us see your own version of established or brand new Patriotic Characters by posting them on our forum.

(1:26:08) STUMP THE RIOS
Submitted by Doug/MCEtrigan.

(1:29:31) IRON THE PANTS
Submitted by Rob Schaeffer.

(1:34:09) VOICEMAIL
From Shawn "Optimus Black" Pryor (PKD Media) on Heroes Con.