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Conversation with Mark Evanier

CGS: Episode 69 (October 24, 2005)

Stand back mendicant! It's time for an interview with the infamous scribe of Groo the Wanderer, Mark Evanier. Listen in to hear Mark tell tales of meeting some of comicdom's greatest creators, stories from TV land, as well as his thoughts on Hostess snack cakes. (1:37:39)

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(00:40) Sponsor
E Gerber Products for your Mylar bags and more.

(05:00) Interview
With Mark Evanier.

(05:47) On how Mark started reading comics, any new info on Groo
collections, DNAgents, and a look at the distribution history in
(18:32) On meeting Bob Kane.
(29:15) On Mark's work for TV: animation, Kroft Superstars, variety
shows, etc.
(37:46) On his POV columns and working with the great Jack Kirby.
(43:28) On working with Sergio Aragones, his blog and those works of
which he's most proud.
(54:00) On Groo.
(1:00:24) We include Mark on a Geek of the Day from Brad Milyo and
Frank Rincon in Texas with a spoof on the Hostess Pies.
(1:04:06) Our post-interview wrap-up.

(1:11:28) Comics Podcast Network
Bruce R's KomicsKast #14 that mentions CGS and Fables.

(1:13:53) Sponsorship Update
Pixel Strips lowers its subscription cost.

(1:15:40) Stump the Rios
Submitted by Billy Beechler.

(1:19:34) CGS News
Our new voice mail line, a new Call Me segment is announced and a postcard from Jeremy in Utah. Also, our first fanmail letter from Todd in Australia which kicks us off into a discussion on Shakespeare, theatre and shared girlfriends.

Fanboy tpb by Evanier.

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