Podcast Title

DC Archives vs Marvel Masterworks

CGS: Episode 65 (October 12, 2005)

Anime Contest Winner! Previews for comics shipping in December!! DC's Archives vs. Marvel's Masterworks!!! October Important Dates!!!! Exclamation Points!!!!! (1:18:11)

(00:59) Sponsor
Pixel Strips

(10:17) Cartoon Talk
A brief thank you to the people behind Justice League Unlimited for making it the best superhero cartoon.

(13:37) Contest
The Anime correspondent winner is announced: congrats to Ian Levinstein of the Geek Speak Podcast. Hear his winning selection.

(19:42) TV Talk
Shane gives his thoughts on the Smallville season opener.

(24:33) Comic Coming Attractions
A look at October Previews for books shipping in December.

(29:17) Comics Talk
DC's Archives vs Marvel Masterworks, a look at these expensive reprint hardcovers.

(56:07) Stump the Rios
Submitted by Christopher Brady.

(1:00:09) Important Comic Dates
for October.

(1:07:33) Geek of the Day
From Paul French of the Poptopia podcast and MikelOD of the Most People are DJs podcast on the Canadian National Comicbook Expo in Toronto.

(1:13:48) Comics Podcast Network
Nods to Derek Coward of Comic Book Noise and to J.M. Campbell of the Geek 4 x 4 podcasts.