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Talking with BPM's Paul Sizer

CGS: Episode 545 (November 17, 2008)

BPM is a new original graphic novel about a DJ in New York City. Author Paul Sizer joins us to discuss his book and music and how it all connects. (1:27:05)

Submitted by Ralph (Atomic99) Werner, the GraphicAudio.net contest begins!

Also submitted by Ralph Werner.

Paul Sizer, creator of Little White Mouse and Moped Army, joins us to talk about his new 96 page graphic novel BPM (Cafe Digital). We learn about his earliest comics, his love of music, the DJ scene and how it informed his work, creating a comic about music and the challenges involved, Sonic Disruptors, the journey of the main character Roxy, self-publishing, debating Moby and more.

(1:11:29) PROMO
Thanks go out to MikelOD for helping to set up this interview. Check out his podcast, Most People are DJs as well BPM Media, his 8-part vidcast with Paul Sizer.

(1:14:00) VOICEMAILS
From Chris (Koete) Johnson giving another viewpoint of the Spider-Man/Brand New Day debate; Bill (Library Boy) Doughty on the cancellation of DC's Blue Beetle; and Heather (Invisible Woman) asking for recommendations for good DC stories.

(1:23:09) MAILBAG
We give a quick nod to the Jim Butcher's Dresden Files: Welcome to the Jungle hardcover (Dabel Brothers).