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Talking with artist JK Woodward

CGS: Episode 543 (November 12, 2008)

JK is the artist on IDW's Fallen Angel. We talk to him all about his career. From leaving home at 15 to running the streets of London and Germany, his life informs his art. Check it out. (1:24:09)

Artist JK Woodward hits us with his origin story including watching early Spider-Man cartoons, growing up in Massachusetts, buying comics from Kevin Juaire the writer of Hero Alliance, living overseas and creating his first comics Flesh Angels, Mortal Coils and Crazy Mary, landing Fallen Angel at IDW, meeting HR Giger, using paint as a comic/sequential artist, the future of Fallen Angel, his upcoming Star Trek Alien Spotlight: Klingons: 4,000 Throats, having a strict work ethic and more.

(1:02:49) STUMP THE RIOS
Submitted by Crimson Kahuna.

(1:06:02) VOICEMAILS
From Joe Sergi giving his report on the Puppet Rios campaign after the election; and from Eric (the Wandering Budoka) Johnson in South Philly.

We read off a few more posts from new and old forum members/listeners learning where they're from, what comics they are reading, how they got into comics and more.