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BOMC Encore - Strangers In Paradise Volume 3

CGS: Episode 533 (October 23, 2008)

Creator Terry Moore joins us to discuss volume 3 of the pocket editions of Strangers In Paradise. It's a wonderful series that just keeps getting better. Don't miss it! (1:33:15)

Terry Moore joins us once again to take a look at the third pocket edition of Strangers in Paradise. We kick off the episode with the song This Mask I Wear, lyrics by Terry Moore and music by Desha Dunnahoe, from the SiP Radio Play.

(01:39) We say hello to Terry and talk about his recent trails with Hurricane Ike, give our initial thoughts on the third volume of this ongoing story and discuss one of the pivotal moments in the book when Francine and Katchoo have a major argument.

(28:02) On David and his secret life, Terry's approach to keeping the timeline consistent, learning more about Francine's family, balancing comedy and drama, and Spinal Tap.

(52:26) On art and reactions to it, violence vs sex and censorship, secrets and reveals in the story and more info on the future SiP Omnibus.

(1:14:21) On Echo, Terry's Marvel work on Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane and Runaways, the end of the Opus comic strip and the wrap-up.

On Episode 533.

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