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Off the Rack: Essex County Trilogy

CGS: Episode 531 (October 21, 2008)

Author Jeff Lemire joins us to discuss his fantastic work. If you haven't read the Essex County trilogy you need to run to your nearest retailer and buy it today! (1:26:35)

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(02:59) OFF THE RACK
Special guest and creator Jeff Lemire joins us to talk about his Essex County Trilogy from Top Shelf. We pick his brain about comic books, his artstyle, using the comic medium to the fullest, hockey, living in Canada, his future Vertigo project the Nobody (loosely inspired by HG Wells' Invisible Man novel) and more.

(1:14:28) STUMP THE RIOS
Submitted by Cory "Solitaire Rose" Strode.

(1:19:46) VOICE MAIL
From Robert Bender on listening to over 500 episodes in six months!

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Visit Jeff Lemire and other creators at this weekend's Windy City Comicon in Chicago.

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