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BOMC Star Wars Legacy: Broken

CGS: Episode 520 (September 30, 2008)

Do you feel that tingling? That's the force baby! For the first time ever we talk about Star Wars comics in detail. And joining us is official 501st member, Radio Wayne Cordova. (1:30:33)

(02:20) A quick synopsis and our initial thoughts.

(27:08) Further discussion on characters, the Skywalker Legacy, Star Wars continuity and the Sith.

(40:27) Discussing the art, creating art for licensed properties and the Darths.

(59:49) Feedback from Matt and discussing what would make a good movie trilogy, TV show or cartoon.

(1:22:12) Feedback from the listeners and rating the trade.

(1:26:56) Upcoming BOMC selections: To Terra vol.1 by Keiko Takemiya (Vertical Inc.) for October (manga) and Elephantmen vol.1: Wounded Animals (Image) for November (Geek's Choice).

BOMC forum discussion.
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