Podcast Title

The Collapse of the 90s

CGS: Episode 28 (June 6, 2005)

Major discussion begins on the great comics industry collapse of the 90s! And the new Book of the Month Club special episodes are announced! Holy Socks! (1:01:30)

(00:50) CGS NEWS
The winner of the CGS Audio Promo Contest is announced; we are proud to be the first to announce the debut of the new InStockTrades site; and we're starting a new monthly feature called Book of the Month Club.

(13:23) COMIC TALK
Kicked off by a listener email from Bill Jolly in Oxford, Mississippi, the Speakers of Geek answer his request to do a roundtable discussion on the great Collapse of the '90s! Gimmick covers, hype, editor driven stories, art over story, greedy retailers - we discuss the cause and effect of the near-collapse of the comic industry and the controversial era of the 90s.

Audio submission sent in by JM Campbell, host of the new Geek 4 x 4 podcast.

Round #3 begins!