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Top 5 Comic Runs

CGS: Episode 32 (June 22, 2005)

CGS Tagline Contest announced! Top 5 Comic Runs! And a quick look at Justice League Unlimited. CGS, we tell you what to think! (1:06:39)

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(00:49) Getting to Know Us
Special Guest Adam Murdough fills us in on how he got into comics.

(04:26) Contest
We announce the CGS Tagline contest, courtesy of Up All Night Gaming, where we ask listeners to create a tagline/byline/slogan for the show for a chance to win a City of Heroes computer game.

(07:40) Quarters in the Jar
Listener Emails from Simon McDonald of Ottawa Ontario Canada; Ticoman; Ken Stew of Baltimore Maryland; Katheryne of Philly on Nightcrawler's German; and Zampson of the Digital Strips Podcast.

(14:01) Top Five
Kicked off by Todd Lyles, we list our Top 5 Comic Runs.

(35:18) TV Talk
Our thoughts on the Justice League Unlimited cartoon.

(47:21) Previews
for books shipping in August 2005 including the Identity Crisis HC, Ultimate Annuals, Absolute Watchmen HC, Infinite Crisis tie-ins, the Adam Strange: Planet Heist tpb and more.

(1:00:22) Stump the Rios

Websites Mentioned
Superhero University Courses
This American Life (on the street interviews on what superpowers people would want)


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