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Danielle Corsetto

CGS: Episode 289 (August 29, 2007)

We keep building the excitement for Episode 300! In this episode we talk to our favorite web comic creator Danielle Corsetto. She's rockin' and rollin' on Girls With Slingshots and she's always fun to talk to. Also some Off the Racks. (1:14:26)

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Discount Comic Book Service.

(01:25) Interview
With Danielle Corsetto of the Girls With Slingshots webcomic. She talks about her strip, her convention appearances, banana-hammocks, current webcomic reads (including Meredith Gran's Octopus Pie, Antonio Tyler's Synaptic Misfiring, Jamie Hatton's In His Likeness, Paul Taylor's Wapsi Square, Scott Kurtz's P.V.P., Liz Greenfield's Stuff Sucks), the demise of Weekly World News and the Batboy strip and hints of future projects.

(32:27) Quarters in the Jar
Listener Email from Brady Russell of the This Too Will Pass Podcast.

(35:15) Stump the Rios
Jamie pinch-hits with an assist from Murd on a submission from D.E. Kickasola.

(41:46) Off the Rack
Our reviews on current issues of the Sinestro Corps War; the Final Flight by Romain Hugault from Paquet; TV's Hogan's Heroes (no lie); Jay Faerber's Noble Causes vol.1: In Sickness and in Health; and Flash 231.

(58:26) Voice Mail
Flintlockjaw calls in on behalf of the Order Of Pants Society!

(1:07:18) Shipping This Week
For August 29 including the new Previews which features the first-ever solicitation for our new magazine, Comics NOW!.