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Conversation with Rob Schwager

CGS: Episode 187 (October 9, 2006)

Color artist and long-time listener, Rob Schwager, joins us for the whole episode. First we check in with Rob about his career, and then we talk comics. A full house of geeks answer 10 questions posed by the forum. What shocking answers will come forth? You have to listen to find out. (2:03:48)

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Bushi Tales and Con-Sequential.

(01:51) Interview
With color artist and long-time listener Rob Schwager. Rob exchanges baby stories with Bryan, details his earliest exposure to comics, fills us in on how he got into the business and what it means to be a color artist, lists his favorite artists he's worked with and more.

(24:00) Comics Talk
Prompted by a forum thread by RocketsRedGlare, Rob and the Geeks answer the following fill-in-the-blank comic quiz.

(24:30) "I knew I loved comics when I first got a look at ________."
(32:44) "My favorite run of his/hers was ________."
(38:25) "One of the biggest phenoms in comics that I just don't
understand is ________."
(55:24) "Not to get on the band wagon but ________ is simply the best
out there right now."
(1:01:30) "The most under used character in comics is ________. The
most under appreciated creator is ________."
(1:08:09) "________ is just not what he/she used to be.
(1:15:04) "________ would be awesome if only they would ________."
(1:22:10) "I would rather see ________ if I had no other choice."
(1:34:00) "I would love it if the Geeks would interview ________." and
"The one issue/run that I wish I had would be ________."
(1:38:03) Rob turns the tables and asks how we would attract younger
readers to comics.

(1:45:21) Stump the Rios
Submitted by Jonathan.

(1:47:56) World of Toys
Bryan, Shane and Brian discuss the Mojo Marvel Legends series, Marvel Icon series, DC Heroes line and more.

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