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San Diego Interviews

CGS: Special (September 8, 2006)

Amidst all the craziness of San Diego we did have time for a few interviews. It's been so long we don't even remember who we talked to! So be sure to listen and enjoy the surprise. (1:18:22)

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Smallville the Complete Fifth Season DVD.

(00:42) Interviews
From San Diego Comic Con 2006.

(00:59) with Michael Eury, editor of Back Issue! from TwoMorrows
(14:35) with R.A. Salvatore on working with Devil's Due.
(19:47) with forum members Webhead, Number6 and Loopy Dave;
Chris Marshall, Bryan and Matt.
(24:58) with members of Ronin Studios.
(37:59) with Adam Shaw and Penny Register of Blood Stream and Chad
Kinkle on upcoming projects.
(50:42) Daniel Herman of Hermes Press.

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