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CGS: Episode 177 (September 7, 2006)

This is one packed episode. First it's Previews time. Then there's a Mayo Report. And then we wrap up the show with an interview with the writer of Elk's Run, Joshua Hale Fialkov. Get comfy! (1:58:55)

(00:21) Sponsor
Smallville the Complete Fifth Season DVD.

(00:41) CGS News
More Episode 200 announcements! Also, CGS will be syndicated over at Silver Bullet Comics! Thanks to Jenny and company for all their help and support.

(06:48) Previews
A look at the September solicitations for books shipping in November.

(42:28) Indie Challenge
September's picks have been chosen! Check them out on our News page.

(51:07) Stump the Rios
Submitted by Rogue Death Angel in Scotland.

(54:35) Mayo Report
We talk to John Mayo about the Top 300 comics & Top 100 trades for July'06 sales.

(1:34:46) Shipping this Week
For Thursday September 7th.

(1:37:02) Quarters in the Jar
Chris "Webhead" Gallo sends Bryan & Tasha a congratulations card and gift; and Bryan & Tasha are presented with the first Babies R Us giftcard gathered by Jeffery Borchert and members of the forum!

(1:39:04) Interview
With Joshua Hale Fialkov, writer of the seven-time nominated Elk's Run. We learn about the many publishers the comic has had, landing with Random House, Baltimore Comic-Con, Western Tales of Terror and other projects.

(1:57:01) Comics Podcast Network
Welcome to the new Marvel Comics fan podcast Bullpen Bulletins, co-hosted by Vince B. and David Price.

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