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Convention Survival Guide

CGS: Special (September 5, 2006)

Have you never gone to a comic con? Well you should! The question we get the most is

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Smallville the Complete Fifth Season DVD.

(00:42) Convention Talk
With a full group in-studio and several guests, we give our thoughts and advice on attending conventions.

(01:55) On purchasing tickets, advance-order ticket exclusives and
booking a hotel.
(14:29) On what to bring and where to eat.
(18:30) Charlito, co-host of Indie Spinner Rack, joins us to give his
thoughts on the MoCCA Festival, preparing for San Diego Comic
Con and attending small hotel shows.
(28:57) On con freebies and kid-friendly cons.
(33:14) Jimmy Palmiotti joins us to give his thoughts on conventions,
meeting fans, signing books and his favorite con.
(52:19) David Petersen joins us to give his point-of-view as both an artist
(doing sketches, fan requests, etc) and a small press creator
(1:01:24) On requesting sketches, having reference material and other
(1:03:52) Design-o-strator Scott Neely talks with us about having
product, walking the floor and sketch requests.
(1:21:59) Mr. Phil of Indie Spinner Rack joins us to talk about shopping,
back issue bins, SPX, meeting and approaching creators,
haggling with retailers and attending panels.
(1:37:57) Budgeting for shopping, days to attend, floor layout and
shipping your purchases home.
(1:50:58) Hey, Supergirl! joins us to talk about costuming, cosplay,
Otakon and being a female convention-attendee.
(2:02:53) The wrap-up.

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