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Top 5 Artists Worthy of Wider Recognition

CGS: Episode 171 (August 23, 2006)

There are more artists out there other than the Wizard Top 10. In this episode, the geeks pick their Top Five Artists worthy of wider recognition. Plus, we have our first contestant in the Atomika: God is Red Stump the Rios contest. Will they succeed? (1:16:04)

(00:22) Sponsor
Discount Comic Book Service and In Stock Trades.

(01:55) Contest
The Panel Contest winner is announced! Thanks to Comic Collectorz for supplying the prize! And listen in for details on our New Contest (which ends Sept.11) sponsored by TableStar Games.

(14:57) Quarters in the Jar
Listener email from Leland in Cali.

(16:41) CGS News
The details for our Episode 200 live recording are announced including special guest Mike Norton!

(21:00) Top Five
Spinning off Marvel's recent new Young Guns announcement, we pick the Top Five Artists working today we feel deserve wider recognition.

(59:04) Stump the Rios
Sponsored by Atomika: God is Red. Submitted by David D.

(1:03:18) Voice Mail
From Chris "Equinox" Chavez; Tom in Ridgewood, NY of the Other People's Toys Podcast.

(1:09:02) Shipping This Week
For Wednesday, August 23.

On Devil's Due Publishing's Nightwolf.

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