Podcast Title

Conversation with Brian Miller

CGS: Episode 46.5 (August 17, 2005)

Interview with colorist Brian Miller of Hi-Fi Design who issues a challenge to the audience! (1:14:57)

(03:30) Special Thanks
To Mike Parkinson for our very own CGS caricatures.

(05:49) Interview
With Brian Miller, color artist.

(06:33) On reading comics as a kid, getting into coloring and the basic
tools he uses.
(12:13) Is computer coloring moving into areas once covered by inkers
and how does paperstock affect his approach?
(16:53) On deadlines.
(22:42) On the pages he colors, what he's currently reading, his
opinions on coloring in other comics and his favorite Depeche
Mode album.
(29:32) Brian puts a call out to the listeners to support Bryan's MS150
marathon and pledges a match from Hi-Fi Design.
(30:39) On Brian's current/upcoming work, the recognition that color
artists deserve and his favorite colorists.
(43:07) The wrap-up.

(53:00) Stump the Rios
Submitted by Matt MacDonald in Durango, Colorado.

(57:30) Geek of the Day
From Lee Goodman on being a born-again comic geek.

(1:03:02) Quarters in the Jar
Listener emails from Britoman on Star Blazers; Sam Dunim on comics for females; Chris Vaccaro; Damion Waldbrun; and Wesley Harp.