Podcast Title

Women in Comics

CGS: Episode 48 (August 22, 2005)

Our first in-studio guest, Bruce Rosenberger, joins us as we talk about Women in Comics, essential comic facts every geek should know and more. (1:24:00)

(02:05) Special Guest
Special Guest Bruce Rosenberger of the Komics Kast Podcast fills us in on how he started reading comics, Jack Kirby, his current comics reading and his own podcast.

(09:13) Quarters in the Jar
Listener Emails from Jeremy in Utah and JD Alvarez.

(16:02) Women in Comics
A listener email from Emily, a librarian, asks if the attitude towards female comic readers and the portrayal of women in comics will ever change leading us into a lengthy debate on the subject.

(32:56) Geek of the Day
From Mike Parkinson about artist-driven vs writer-driven comics.

(46:05) Comics Talk
What are the essential comic facts that every comic geek should know that non-comic readers would not?

(1:15:30) Stump the Rios
All Venom-themed submission by Eric from Rhode Island.

(1:19:02) Special Thanks
To Danny Brunell for sending us Freking Sweer engraved tokens and an autographed photo of his actor Godfather Daniel Roebuck.