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CGS: Episode 134 (May 9, 2006)

It's time to take a look at the new Previews again. As always there is a ton of interesting stuff coming out, and with the help of listener Mike Lewis, we help you sort through it. (1:39:06)

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(01:36) Special Guest
Listener Mike "Icculus" Lewis in Cedar Falls, Iowa joins us this episode for being a runner up in our Scavenger Hunt contest.

(5:00) Previews
A look at the May Previews for books shipping in July. The Escapists, Absolute Dark Knight, Civil War continues, our thoughts on double shipping of titles in one month and more!

(58:06) Indie Challenge
Viper Comics' a Dummy's Guide to Danger #1, A-10 Comics's Damaged #1, Markosia's Of Bitter Souls #1 and Ape Entertainment's U.T.F. #1. For more info, go here.

(1:00:15) Stump the Rios
Submitted by Marty Devine.

(1:07:43) Voice Mails
From Jo-nah on violence in comics; and Nicholas Danger on the director shuffle on X-Men 3.

(1:18:36) Top Five
Mike gives us his Top Five Cover Artists.

(1:26:10) Wrap Up
We speak with Mike's wife Sandy recommending Walking Dead as her gateway to comics.