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The Life and Death of Captain Marvel

CGS: Book of the Month (May 1, 2006)

There has to be a first of everything. The Death of Captain Marvel was the first Marvel graphic novel. Take a stroll down the old historical highway as we examine some of the roots of Marvel's cosmic world as well as one of it's best endings. (1:36:30)

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(02:25) Initial Thoughts.
(07:13) On the original Captain Marvel series.
(12:37) On the introduction of Thanos, Drax and the concept of cosmic
(16:06) On the many origins of Captain Marvel, the Titan Eternals and
the Cosmic Cube.
(20:05) On the Rick Jones/Captain Marvel partnership, the evolution of
Drax and Thanos.
(25:37) On the style of a 70s comic and Quasar.
(29:19) On Jim Starlin's development as an artist and the overuse and
exposure of Thanos after Starlin's involvement.
(39:29) Email comment from Brian Hancock.
(45:02) More on Starlin's art.
(50:23) Forum Comment from Roguespirit.
(55:50) Audio Comment from Scott and Rym of the Geek Nights
(1:05:45) Forum comment from Darth Kramer and a closer look at the
Death of Cpt. Marvel graphic novel.
(1:12:40) On Genis-Vell, the new Captain Marvel, and should the original
return from the dead?
(1:19:20) Forum comment from DGoodhart.
(1:20:54) On the actual trade design and layout.
(1:29:04) The wrapup and next month's announcement.

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On Life & Death of Captain Marvel