It's trivia time baby! In this episode we played Marvel's trivia game. Be amazed by our incredible knowledge, and be stunned by Bryan's total inability to recall even the most basic comic tidbits. It's gonna be a blast. (1:06:12)

Marvel Trivia Game

CGS: Episode 129 (April 20, 2006)

(00:30) Sponsor
Jeffery Borchert/Iacon on the forum.

(02:33) Quarters in the Jar
Listener Emails from Bill in Michigan; and Brent Kossina at Univ. of Florida asking our thoughts on Azrael and Knightfall / Knightsend.

(11:14) Trivia Game
Bryan, Matt, Jamie and Peter play the Marvel Trivia Game. Who will win?

(38:23) Off the Rack
Our review on Infinity Gauntlet.

(42:17) Comics Talk
How much writing and exposition is too much, especially in older 70s & 80s comics?

(47:59) Geek of the Day
Kurt G. of Athens, Ohio weighs in on the "Are comics for kids?" debate.

(50:09) Voice Mails
From Library Boy on the Best of Spirit by Eisner; from Kurt G. again on Death Comes to Dillinger; and from Rebis with a message for Little Witch.