We've told you about this month's Indie Challenge, now hear all about them from the creators themselves. We spoke with members from all four creative teams. Come on and join the Indie Challenge. (1:20:26)

Indie Challange

CGS: Episode 128 (April 19, 2006)

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Pittsburgh Comicon.

(11:15) Indie Challenge
Interviews with the creators of this month's Indie Challenge picks:

(12:13) Joe Casey, writer of the Black Plague oneshot from Boom
(28:06) B. Clay Moore, writer of Leading Man from Oni.
(32:21) Ben Towle, creator of Midnight Sun from Slave Labor Graphics.
(47:05) Ed Lavalee & Grant Bond of Revere from Alias.

(59:27) Stump the Rios
Submitted by Darren Goodhart.

(1:06:52) Voice Mails
from Justincredible on our Stan Lee episode.

(1:08:49) Off the Rack
Our reviews on Superman One Year Later; X-Men: 198 #2 & 3; and current issues of Thunderbolts.

Websites Mentioned
Minado the Ultimate Sushi Buffet. We're serious!.