Join us as we take a look at April Previews. Plus a whole bunch of geeky comic talk. And don't miss Jamie go three rounds with the rest of the geeks on the topic of Violence in Comics. (1:40:29)


CGS: Episode 124 (April 6, 2006)

(00:47) Sponsor
Wild Pig Comics' very own Chris and Ryan join us to talk about the upcoming 24-Hour 50% off sale.

(14:53) Quarters in the Jar
Ultimate Justin writes in coining the term "Mattitude".

(15:48) Contest
Tyler Hilton wins the Photo Contest for the Walking Dead vol. 1-4 tpbs.

(19:30) Previews
We take a look at the April Previews for books shipping in June 2006.

(47:28) Indie Challenge
The four selections for this month's Indie Challenge are announced: Alias' Revere 1, Slave Labor Graphics' Midnight Sun 1, Boom!'s Black Plague oneshot and Oni's Leading Man 1.

(55:43) Stump the Rios
Submitted by Steve Reid.

(01:05:18) Voice Mails
A message to Little Witch; Icculus with a Loveless review.

(01:19:22) Off the Rack
Review of Wanted.

(01:21:40) Comics Talk
The great "violence in comics" discussion begins.

Websites Mentioned
Make Like a Tree all-ages comics for the PSP.