He's comics' most famous tough guy. He's Beau Smith. West Virginia seems to produce more than its share of top comics creators. Beau is a writer with much talent. Join us for a great conversation and maybe you will get to feel his bicep. (1:30:42)

Conversation with Beau Smith

CGS: Episode 121 (March 29, 2006)

(00:40) Sponsor
Wild Pig Comics.

(06:40) Interviews
With comics writer and all-around real man, Beau Smith.

(08:40) On his earliest comic reading, collecting and Playboy!
(19:42) On getting into writing comics, meeting comic pros and being a
"letterhack" in the '80s
(30:21) On Cobb: Off the Leash, the need for manly heroes, artist
Eduardo Barreto and inspiration from Beau's Australian
Shephard Blue.
(43:15) Background on the character of Cobb, the pretty ladies on his
website and his screenplay work.
(50:48) On what Beau is reading, a look at current comics in general,
convention appearances and the future of Cobb.
(58:24) The wrap-up.

(1:05:20) Stump the Rios
Submitted by Matthew Park.

(1:08:14) Voice Mail
From Todd Wahnish of Kee-Fu Fighters.

(1:13:34) Speak Out
Jamie goes on a rant on the newly solicited Eternals Hardcover.

(1:17:15) Off the Rack
Our reviews of Daredevil #82 by Brubaker and Lark, Will Eisner: A Spirited Life and Flash: the Blitz tpb.

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