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NYCC 06 Interviews

CGS: Episode 119 (March 23, 2006)

Just when you thought the New York Comic Con was a thing of the past, we give you some interviews from the show floor. (1:04:27)

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Wild Pigs Comics II.

(03:06) Interviews
From the show floor at New York Comic Con'06.

(03:32) Sanford Greene, Arvid Nelson and David Forrest of Killer 7.
(09:57) Alex Robinson, creator of Tricked and Box Office Poison.
(15:00) Tim Seeley, Staff Artist for Devil's Due.
(20:52) Josh Blaylock, Founder of Devil's Due.
(29:41) Joe Pruett, Publisher of Desperado Publishing.
(36:44) Mike Gagnon of Open Book Press.
(47:07) Jamal Igle, artist on Firestorm.
(59:43) C.B. Cebulski updates us on his current projects.

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