Podcast Title

Conversation with Mike Norton

CGS: Episode 51 (August 31, 2005)

Interview with Gravity penciller and co-creator Mike Norton. (1:14:06)

(02:30) Interview
With Mike Norton artist on Gravity as he draws an issue of Marvel Adventures Spider-Man.

(04:14) On starting to read and draw comics as a kid, his first
professional work as an artist (the Badger) and making a name
for himself.
(13:27) On working with Sean McKeever on the Waiting Place and
(21:42) On his favorite artists, old and new and his time as Art Director
for Devil's Due Publishing.
(35:51) On working on Voltron, Teen Titans Go! and other licensed
properties and characters Mike would like to work on.
(41:32) Just what is Power Pop and why does Mike like it so much?
(43:20) Mike tries to Stump the Rios.
(48:44) Our wrap-up.

(56:40) Stump the Rios
Submitted by Matthew Guy.

(1:01:27) Quarters in the Jar
Listener email from Juan Nevaro in Fl. on webcomics, including his own called Vigil, and a question that kicks us off into a look at John Byrne's current work on the Demon and Doom Patrol.