In this episode, we spoke with the creative team on the upcoming Ape Entertainment comic Horrorwood! Also, our first ever Stump the Rios comic and the March Indie Challenge picks are announced. (1:14:35)


CGS: Episode 114 (March 9, 2006)

(00:50) Sponsor
Scar Tissue.

(03:20) Indie Challenge
In anticipation of Wizard World L.A., writer Brandon Terrell and artist Brent Schoonover join us to talk about their book Horrorwood from Ape Entertainment.

(04:37) A synopsis of the comic, coloring choices and how they started
reading comics.
(12:15) On how they met, how they landed with Ape and their
(20:18) On their love of '50s Hollywood, Ape Entertainment and
convention appearances.

(34:50) Convention Talk
Peter gives his thoughts on the New York Comic Con.

(43:47) Stump the Rios
First ever Stump the Rios comic by Jeffrey Stevens.

(51:26) Voice Mail
From Rob Schwager on our Pulse article; and Andrew from Bakersfield.

(58:00) Call Me
We try to reach Wayne Cordova; we talk with Nick in Illinois.

(1:07:10) CGS News
We've picked four titles for March's Indie Challenge.

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