Podcast Title

Conversation with Michael Lark

CGS: Episode 52 (September 1, 2005)

Interview with newly announced Daredevil penciller Michael Lark. (1:18:05)

(01:24) Interview
With Michael Lark, newly announced artist on Daredevil with Ed Brubaker.

(02:49) On when Michael started reading comics, his inspriation from
Alex Maleev and the artistic differences he'll bring to Daredevil.
(10:06) On bringing a bit of the super-hero quality back to Daredevil,
moving the book to the next level from the popular Bendis/Maleev
run and how Lark landed the book.
(16:24) On Captain America, his early work at Calibre and brief thoughts
on his time at DC.
(27:41) On his favorite characters, working with color artists, Gotham
Central and Michael's thoughts on trades vs. singles.
(45:37) On exclusive contracts and the wrap-up.
(52:51) Our post-interview wrap-up.

(1:06:51) Stump the Rios
Submitted by Chris Seifert.

(1:13:00) Special Event
Brian Miller of Hi-Fi Design matches the donations of five of our listeners and sends them a prize.