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Spotlight on Fantastic Four

CGS: Episode 107 (February 16, 2006)

Spotlight On the Fantastic Four; a chat with Mike Oliveri, writer of Werewolves: Call if the Wild; another look at the Previews debate and more. It's gonna be a good one. (1:37:10)

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(00:45) Sponsor
Drawer Boxes.

(02:03) Indie Challenge
We talk to Mike Oliveri, writer of Werewolves: Call of the Wild from Moonstone, just one of four Indie Challenge picks for the month.

(14:29) Comics Talk
We ask Mike's views on the Previews: To Buy or Not to Buy debate from Episode 104.

(34:50) Spotlight On
Marvel's first family of superheroes, the Fantastic Four.

(35:41) On the Lee/Kirby era.
(48:59) On the Perez era.
(51:40) On the Byrne era.
(1:07:23) On Heroes Reborn, Carlos Pacheco, Waid and

(1:20:09) Stump the Rios
Submitted by Bob Bretall.

(1:24:18) World of Toys
Toyfare News for Hellboy, Family Guy, Tenacious D, Silence of the Lambs and more including Star Wars news.

(1:31:44) Voice Mail
From Jeremy Winkle and Marcus.

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