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Conversation with NYCC's Greg Topalian

CGS: Episode 105 (February 13, 2006)

Everyone knows we're going to the brand spankin' new New York Comic Con, but not everyone knows how a con like that gets off the ground. We spoke with Greg Topalian, organizer of the con, in order to get some details. (1:10:04)

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(00:38) Sponsor
New York Comic Con 2006.

(02:19) Interview
We're joined by Greg Topalian, Group V.P. of Reed Exhibitions, to discuss the ins and outs of developing the upcoming New York Comic Con.

(30:24) Stump the Rios
Submitted Randy Dickson.

(37:47) Shipping this Week
for February 8, 2006.

(39:14) Previews
A look at the February solicitations for books shipping in April.

(57:33) Call Me
We try to call Matt S.; we talk with Rick Gordon.

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