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Frag Doll Interview: Seppuku

CGS: Episode 101 (February 2, 2006)

The episode is a mishmash of fun stuff. We do a recap of episode 100. We talk to a Frag Doll. And we do the usual comic talk thang. So come on in and have some fun. (1:28:11)

(00:38) Sponsor
Listeners Brad Milyo and Frank Rincon. Thanks guys!!

(06:04) CGS News
Gene Colan asks us to announce that he is once again taking orders for commissions; also, Comic Book Database is running a contest with details listed at their site; our Fan Art Thread is exploding with awesome listener artwork; and there's a new News section on our site for CGS updates, press releases and more. Check out our Convention Tour T-Shirt!

(14:41) Quarters in the Jar
Listener Emails from Steve Noppenberger of Angry Dog Press
on his take on Diamond and comicbook numbers; also, Steve Atkins on retro-style comics.

(16:23) Indie Challenge
For February! Check out our News section for the four indie titles we've chosen.

(24:04) Interview
Emily, "Seppuku" of the Frag Dolls, talks to us about her experiences as a girl gamer, her favorite comicbooks and creators and old school video games. Check out their site for X-Box Live Fridays where you can challenge the Dolls and for info on the search for a new Frag Doll.

(59:12) CGS Talk
Our wrap-up of Episode 100; before, during and after the recording.

(1:16:29) Stump the Rios
Submitted by Ross Johnson.

(1:19:02) Year in Comics 2005 Review
from John Morrow of Two Morrows Publishing.

(1:20:05) Voice Mail
from Andrew of Bakersfield, Ca. on Wolverine by Daniel Way.

(1:25:02) Comics Podcast Network News
Congratulations to three podcasts which have recently hit episode 50: Paul French of Poptopia, Chris of Alt.Cast and Chris of Collected Comics Library.

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